I have used First Choice Renovations, Inc. for several years
to update my aging 50+ year old home in Fort Lauderdale. The reasons
I have continued to use this company (and have recommended them to others)
are simple: FCR has consistently proven to be trustworthy, reliable, feasible, flexible, and
the workmanship as well as their professionalism is “top-notch.” Their customer-friendly approach
and desire to make the customer’s dreams come true are self-evident. This is one company I never have
to go look for. Greg Beach, the president, is always available to talk with the homeowner. I look forward to using
FCR again in the future for all my planned renovations.

Mitchell G. Mason
Fort Lauderdale, FL


It is common knowledge remodeling and renovation can, and often times, will become a homeowner's nightmare if you hire the wrong person or company to complete the job. My husband and I built our first home together in Connecticut and became immediately educated about working with a variety of contractors. We quickly learned about contract language, down payments, materials acquisition and deadlines. When we decided to retire to Florida, we came to the decision to completely renovate our apartment. We knew this task would be both challenging, costly and time consuming for us, especially because we would remain in Connecticut for the vast majority of the project. Little did we know that our prayers were about to be answered due, in part, to a referral through a family friend. Enter... "First Choice Renovations Inc." a licensed and insured professional home remodeling company owned and operated by its president, Greg Beach. From our initial interview with Mr. Beach, we were so impressed by his knowledge, design ideas, and professionalism we were confident this company was the one that would turn our plans and dreams into a reality. The next few months were a succession of uninterrupted task completions. The contract and cost of the project was clear, fair and timely. There was no time Mr. Beach was unavailable to us, he was present and supervising ever step of our project, assuring us with pictures, emails, and phone calls that progress was being made. The project was completed as contracted, and our home is a beautiful example of the kind of talent and experience a truly reliable professional company can provide to the public. "FIRST CHOICE RENOVATIONS INC." was our first choice. MAKE IT YOURS.

David and Cynthia Bethancourt
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When my husband and I moved permanently from Long Island in May 2004, we purchased a three-story, five-level townhouse on the inter-coastal in Ft. Lauderdale. The only work that had been done by the previous owners had been closing the conversation pit in the living room. When we first saw the house we knew that it had tremendous potential if we could find the right contractor to work with us.

I had owned several homes in and knew what would be involved in the renovation. I had already experienced the reliable and the unreliable. I also knew that I wanted the finest quality work and I wanted it done on time, but most importantly I wanted to find a contractor that would work with me, offer suggestions and also tell me if what I was suggesting was not going to work with the overall design. And of course I wanted the job done for the right price.

We put together a statement of work, interviewed numerous contractors, narrowed the field to three and received proposals from them. FCR was recommended to us by a friend who had seen their work. After meeting with Greg Beach, the president, we knew that he was the contractor that we wanted to work with us. He told us that the project would take 3 to 4 months to complete, including demolition.

FCR was without a doubt the right choice for us. Today all the remnants of that 70s home are gone. In its place is a brand new beautiful, warm, flowing space that never fails to impress. I routinely recommend FCR to friends and business associates. In choosing First Choice, you will find a reliable partner who will be honest with you and provide quality work on time and at the right price.

Ruth Pasquale
Fort Lauderdale, FL